Holiday apartments in medieval Vodnjan

The shop on the central square sells fresh milk, bread and some fruit and veg. The new Konsum supermarket on the southern edge of town is better-stocked, but a bit of a walk.

The coffee at Arka below is highly recommended, as are the staff! Traditional food in Croatia is a mix of Italian, Eastern European and seafood. There are some anomalies - almost all Croatian restaurants serve red wine chilled. By some accounts, Vodnjanka has the best steak in Istria. (It is closed on Sunday, and in January). Girontondo serves traditional fare and is open from early til late.

Tanja serves excellent food at modest cost, though the interior is a bit dark. San Rocco is under new management and at last visit was not yet equipped with menus.

The park near San Rocco has playground equipment and table tennis tables (bats, nets and balls available soon!).

Younger locals generally speak a bit of English, older ones Italian, German, and sometime a bit of Russian. Croats are always thrilled if a guest learns a bit of Croatian.

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